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My Story...

Solution focused hypnotherapy was initially recommended to me by my Mum. Although I was happy with my life, my job and my friends, there were certain aspects of my life that I was unable to find contentment. I found myself becoming moody and snapping at loved ones unnecessarily. I could also feel my anxiety levels getting increasingly worse. The first time I met with my hypnotherapist it certainly surprised me, there was an immediate understanding of my issues and it was almost as if the hypnotherapist could read my mind, and this was just our first session!

The first time I realised the hypnotherapy was having a positive impact on my life was following a few sessions; I was on my way to the gym (something that I always intend to do but never found the energy or time to do so), I began singing along to my favourite song, something I had not done in so long! It felt fantastic! Hypnotherapy had given me the confidence and the motivation to change the parts of my life I was not happy with and to want to grow as a person. It made me realise just how many people could be helped with Hypnotherapy and I wanted to be the one to do just that! Since I started the course with Clifton Hypnotherapy practice in September 2017 I have not looked back and I have received so many fantastic positive comments (please do read my testimonials).

Since starting the course I have unfortunately lost two people who were very important and special to me and both people passed away very unexpectedly. Hypnotherapy has not taken the pain away or reduced how much I miss and think about them, but what it has done is help me see the positives in each day and encourage me to embrace the love and support I have around me.

I am still growing and evolving as a person and the list of things I would like to accomplish is continuously increasing! But now, rather than focusing on the things I do not have, I have learnt to focus on what I do have and what I can do today to help me achieve my goals.

My focus

My focus is to help individuals heal, feel happier, and become aware of their inner strengths. I achieve this by providing how your brain works and how you can
build new positive pathways.

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