Polly Evans Hypnotherapy

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully this page should help answer some of the questions you might have whilst considering hypnotherapy. If you still have questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How many sessions will it take?

The number of sessions required is dependent on what it is you want to address. We will discuss in the initial consultation and I will give you a relaxation recording to listen to daily, i have found the clients who listen to the recording daily have more effective hypnotherapy sessions and see results a lot faster.  

Is all hypnotherapy the same?

No, there are different types of hypnotherapy for different problems. We can work together to find out what is best suited to you personally.  

Will i have to talk about my past? 

We only have to talk about what you want to talk about. In the consultation its good for me to have a background of why you are here.  But i leave that up to you to how much detail you would like to give. Then in the hypnotherapy sessions we talk about the present/ future and the changes you want to / have made. 

Is Video Call effective?

YES! Video call is a great option for people who can't get to the salon on a Tuesday or a Saturday.  It is just as effective as face to face appointments so all that you need to do is get into a private and comfy space where you can switch off.  

Is Hypnotherapy for everyone?

The short answer is no.  There are lots of therapies out there and its really important to find one that is right for you, but also a therapist that is right for you.  
Hypnotherapy can be for you but I might not be the right therapist for you.  This is why I offer a free consultation you can then find out about the therapy (and me) and make up your own mind.  

Why do you offer a free consultation and not charge?

This was recommended to us when we started our training, but the main reason is I want you to come to the consultation to find out about hypnotherapy and the way I work.  Hypnotherapy or me as a therapist isn't for everybody and that is completely fine, so once you have all the information you can decide if its right for you.  I wouldn't want to take anybody's money if I didn't think I could help them.  

Can you hypnotise me to do anything?

NO! hypnotherapy can not help you with anything that you don't actually want to do.  
You have to want to make changes-  but what hypnotherapy can do is help make those changes less scary and more logical.  

Do I have to listen to the daily relaxation recording? 

YES! I'm not going to tell you off for not listening but the more you listen the faster your brain will learn to relax when it hears the music and my voice, therefore you will start to see results faster and will require less sessions.  

Do I need to listen to the recording forever?

No… but if something works why would you stop doing it? We all naturally get back into bad habits and a lot of the time when people come for a top up they say well I stopped doing this and I stopped doing that….

Even if it’s not daily, listening to it frequently will help.

Please feel free to reach out and ask any other questions